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You've heard the horror stories. Perhaps you've even experienced a vacation-rental nightmare yourself. From sketchy payment methods to check-in treasure hunts, there are many downsides to booking a ski vacation rental directly from an owner. In September 2015, we surveyed more than 7,100 people and asked them to select their biggest vacation rental fears, and here's what came out on top: photos that misrepresent the unit's location or interior, dirty unit, scammers steal payment, no housekeeping or in-unit amenities, difficult check-in and no onsite management.

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Featured Ski Vacation Rentals offers the largest inventory of mountain lodging, including hundreds of vacation rentals at top destinations in Ski Country. When you book with the experts, your vacation rental experience is seamless, secure and stress-free. Browse our best-selling ski vacation rentals below.

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Beaver Creek, Colorado

Charter at Beaver Creek

Featured Beaver Creek vacation rentals

Aspen, Colorado

Inn at Aspen

Featured Aspen vacation rental Vacation Rental Patrol Vacation Rental Patrol

Deer Valley, Utah

Mont Cervin Plaza

Featured Deer Valley vacation rentals

Park City, Utah

Resort Plaza

Featured Park City vacation rentals

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In addition to answering any questions, our Mountain Travel Experts can help match you to the ideal ski vacation rental and book your complete package, which can include:

Sun Valley, Idaho


Featured Sun Valley vacation rentals

Vail, Colorado

Lion Square Lodge

Featured Vail vacation rentals

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